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Kairos Project

     The GCM vision for the growth of gospel work in the South East Kentucky region is both challenging and promising.

     The challenge comes in two forms: an outward and an inward. The outward challenge springs from long fears and suspicions begotten of ignorance and deception. The inward challenge is far more malignant in that it is the outgrowth of intentional misinformation and unbiblical proclamation. Behind these challenges are the clever and seductive works of the great enemy of all that is holy and true. The purpose of this enemy is to muddle the truth as it is given in the Word made flesh and in the written Word of God.

     Against these challenges, GCM proposes to initiate a fresh and innovative program that will penetrate the darkness of ignorance and deception, silence at last the voice of the enemy of grace and exalt the divine plan for the ages by which God proposes to gather a people to Himself. This is a bold undertaking which many would call an “Impossible Dream.” I think not.

     As a strategy, I suggest that God has always done the best work through what is called “a remnant, the inner core, the willing few.” Following that model, I put forth a brief outline of a program which, I believe, has a strong chance of success in the near term – perhaps 5 to 10 years.

opportune time  –

     Some scriptures come to mind which can be seen as a kind of underlayment for the formation and launching of the project.

  • “The wind blows where He wills and we cannot tell whence it comes or whither it goes…” John 3

  • “I will work a work in your days …” Hab. 1:5

  • “… for I work a work in your days, a work which you shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.” Acts 13:41

  • “My Father works hitherto, and I work.” John 5:17

  • “Follow me and I will make you to become fishers of men…” Mark 1:17

  • “… I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some, and this I do for the gospel’s sake.” ICor.9:22

     I observe that for a century and more, a wall has stood impregnable before the open, graceful proclamation of the gospel of Jesus. Couched defensively, the message of Jesus has been presented more as protection than transformation, more to guard and defend theological positions than to boldly assert the life-changing story of the cross and the empty tomb.

     THE KAIROS PROJECT is designed to change that pattern and present the doctrines of grace both full and free. This matters for many reasons, but uppermost among them is that there is vastly more within “grace” than simply “getting saved.” Significant as that is, it tends to jerk the eyes of the saved across the Jordan to look upon the land afar losing sight altogether of what “grace” means in the daily struggles and glorious triumphs of everyday living. The prospect of heaven is a glorious truth and it should be cherished by all. Yet, we are not yet there. We are here and we can know here and now what living “in Christ” is all about.

     We know that more than half the population of our county and region are functionally unchurched. This, not because there are no churches. There are more than 90 such buildings in our county alone. Nevertheless, a clear majority have no apparent interest in or consistent involvement in these churches. Is it because the distance to heaven where all faith seems to be pointed is leaving the people to struggle and battle the demons alone? Many will say that these churches are “good,” “harmless” and “irrelevant.” Also powerless!

     In this context the time is right to initiate THE KAIROS PROJECT so as to bridge the walls and tunnel through the obstacles that are turning the Church into what is seen as an innocuous institution. A new foundation of Biblically authentic theology and a unified belief in the Lordship and Saviorhood of Jesus must needs be laid down. This presupposes an education program that forms a systematic and Biblical theology coupled with an unbridled ecclesiology. The result will be a cadre of trained elders and exhorters who may serve in diverse denominational venues but who will be living out a cohesive message of grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone.

     Jesus began His ministry by selecting a diverse cadre of followers to form the inner circle. So must this project begin with a “willing few” who have the courage to grasp a 5-10 year vision of what God wants to birth in this region. These, we may be certain, were not randomly chosen. Jesus knows what He was doing and whom he was calling. Just now there are men and women of God who wear diverse badges – Baptist, Methodist, Reformed, Christian, Pentecostal and others who, if asked prayerfully, may find the strength to say: “Here am I, use me!”

     These will agree on the fundamental message of grace. They will be fully persuaded of this “truth” and concur that such grace-truth must prevail over and be primary among all preaching and teaching as well as pastoral kindling. They will know that “truth is true” no matter who speaks it and that authentic grace will achieve its saving and sustaining work no matter by whom or in what place it is declared. “My word will not return void, it will accomplish that which I please. And it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

     To prepare the “willing few” for this KAIROS PROJECT, a basic curriculum must be prepared. This must be carefully and gently begun. The immediate resistance will arise from traditional distinctives which, if threatened too overtly, will trigger the internal malignancy outlined above. An exceeding openness must prevail among students allowing for the casual, non-argumentative, discussion of long held views over against the doctrines of grace.

     This teaching must be buttressed by a library of diverse reading from which both teachers and students can inform themselves of their message and prepare themselves to effectively communicate with their audience. Significant financial investment up front will be needed to build the library.

     However, THE KAIROS PROJECT does not aspire to match a Seminary education. Should some choose to move in that direction, all will rejoice. But the nearer cause is to adapt for this region a “willing few” who can gradually expand into a larger cadre of preaching elders and teachers who can begin to form and organize churches anchored in historic Biblical interpretation and solid evangelical preaching and practice.

     The issues of staffing, funding and scheduling are being worked out. We know that considerable human resources are within reach through whom this KAIROS PROJECT can be launched. That list is begun with such prospects as: Everett Van Zant, Bob Scholten, Jason Elam, Calvin Hays, Ken Bolin, Shawn Madden, Hazel Morris, Roger Williams and others. Student recruitment has also begun but must have a far more direct and intentional agenda.

     God’s time is “NOW”. To delay further is unwise and unnecessary. “Impossible Dream?” I don’t think so!

A scholarship directory of authors would likely include: Wayne Grudem-Theology, RC Sproul-165 Books-Renewing the Mind, Chuck Swindol, Hodge, Cullmann, Calvin-Institutes, Wesley, Williams, Edwards, Whitfield, Graham, Moody, Spurgeon, Keller, Ferguson, Lawson, Begg, Blackaby and others.

Pastor Calvin C. Hays


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