About Us

Information about Grace Covenant Ministries - Annville Institute Campus

About Us

Information about  Grace Covenant Ministries - Annville Institute Campus

Our Vision Statement 

"A "COVENANT PEOPLE" impacting a broken and hurting world with the Christ of redeeming love."

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McKee Reformed Church exterior 2014.

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Working together to impact a broken and hurting world with the Christ of redeeming love

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Annville Institute


Rev. Worthington - 1909

How Annville Institute Was Founded

Just over 100 years ago (1909) Rev. William Worthington was sent on a task that changed the southern part of Jackson County, Kentucky forever, Rev. Worthington was looking for a piece of land on which to locate a school. His vision was for some sort of technical school to help promote his vision of "complete living for the mountain people." The story is told of how Rev. Worthington found a possible location near the community called Annville and how he went up to the highest point on the property and sat under an Oak tree. He took out a piece of meat packing paper on which he proceeded to sketch out his vision for the property. The center piece of the drawing was a large grand classroom building to be called Lincoln Hall. The beautiful property with its rolling hills and large meadows was purchased and the Annville Institute started that Fall.

Rev. Worthington's vision lives on. A hundred years later the Institute is closed but the campus now is the home of five non-profit organizations that still strive to make a "complete living for the mountain people".

Rev. and Mrs. Worthington on the road from McKee to Annville, KY - 1909


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Lincoln Hall Grace Covenant Ministries Lincoln Hall
Hacker Gym & Pool Hacker Gym Grace Covenant Ministries 
Reflection Center Reflection Center & Conference Grounds
Sexton Hall  


All proceeds from the rental of these facilities goes to further advance the ministry outreach programs of Grace Covenant Ministries.  These include youth programs, youth summer camps, housing repair and much more.

Organizations on Campus


Grace Covenant Ministries Grace Covenant Ministries
Annville Christian Academy Annville Christian Academy
Barnabas Home Barnabas Home 
Beth's Blessing Beth's Blessing 
High Mountain Horsemanship Outreach High Mountain Equine Outreach 




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